Hidden Gems in the State of California


California is a massive state, with many exciting things to do and experience. However, there are also a number of hidden “gems” that go undiscovered – even by individuals who live in the state their entire lives. When it comes to exploring all of California, there are certain areas that should not be missed out on. One of these is Granite Bay. Nestled on the eastern border of the state, in Placer County, this city is steeped in history and holds countless stories that date back to the era of the gold rush in California. Regardless of if someone lives in the state, or is just visiting, this should be a must-visit location on their list.

The Gold of Granite Bay

The gold rush definitely left its mark on this city that can still be seen today. The miners dug countless holes that reached meters and meters into the ground. They then filled the deposits with cobblestone and red clay. Visitors can follow well-known trails in the area that lead to the location of small mines. While this area has been extensively researched by experts and historians, the locals have also discovered many things that have been left behind.

The Homes in this Area

The majority of this city is classified as being residential; however, there are some metropolitan locations that include local and commercial businesses. The location was last recorded by the census in 2010 and the area had approximately 20,000 people. The high school in this city is considered one of the highest performing in the entire state and is rated based on the student performance and standardized testing scores. Homes in the area start in the low hundreds up to the mid-millions point and there are countless properties available in this city.

If someone is planning on visiting or moving to California, visiting this city is a good idea. There is quite a bit of history steeped in this area and it is a great place to live with an excellent school system and other fun activities. Don’t miss out on this amazing location if a visit is planned to the state, as it has quite a bit of offer.

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